READ OUR FUNDRAISING TERMS BELOW THOROUGHLY BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR PRIVATE EQUITY IN K9 CINEMAS™ ALL INVESTORS WILL RECEIVE AN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EMAILED TO THEM WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY OF MAKING A PURCHASE.$250 is the minimum investment requirement or 500 units. A refund will be issued to anyone trying to purchase or invest less than $250. The maximum buy in amount is $2 million. We are selling a percentage of the company on a crowdfunding basis to bring instant value to our investors while catapulting us to the next level of expansion. This means you do not have to be an accredited investor (have a net worth of $1 million or more) to invest, which is good news for most. This first phase of crowdfunding will lay the foundation to expand which will exponentially increase the equity of any investors who back our project at the ground level now. In total this will take between 5-10 years to complete. You should not invest if you expect to cash out before 5-10 years. Our current goal is approximately $1.8 million (outlined in our executive summary) which translates to roughly 7.200,000 outstanding units. If someone purchases 10,000 units at .25 cents they would own approximately 0.14% of the company currently. Additional units will be added as the company increases in value and more locations are added. The earlier a potential investor invests the higher likelihood their percentage of the company will be worth a larger amount in the future than someone who waits. If K9 Cinemas is acquired our private investors will get their initial investment back plus any additional exit value your ownership is worth. We have partnered with a Venture Capital company who will be raising money for us, so these units will go quickly. GET IN NOW! When we reach our goal to open our first stand alone luxury location, the opportunity to invest will be gone. Simply add the amount of units you would like to acquire to your cart and you will be issued an official part ownership certificate. When will you see a return on your investment? Unlike any other privately held company, we will offer 5% guaranteed return on your investment every quarter 1 year after your inital investment. This allows the full amount of your investment to go towards our new luxury cinema. This means within 5 years from your first check you will have recouped 100% of your initial investment AND still have the full value of your equity. Again, we are privately held. We are not traded on the public exchange. Your units will translate to a percentage of ownership that will increase in value with each new location we add. This is not stock, you are buying a percentage of our profits from our Plano luxury cinema. When can you cash out? Typically only able to be liquidated if the company is acquired or goes public. If you would like to liquidate at anytime you may do so by selling them to another investor at an agreed upon price based on the current value of the company. Do not invest if you plan to cash out within 5-10 years. A thorough description of this plan will be emailed to you in our executive summary. If you are a huge fan of K9 Cinemas, I firmly believe you will never have the ability to have this kind of equity in a startup that will be this huge again in your lifetime. If you haven't already, please watch the personal endorsement video Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank gave us before making a decision on whether K9 Cinemas™ is the right investment for you and your family. OUR VALUE WILL ONLY GO UP FROM HERE. GET IN NOW AND LET YOUR MONEY GO TO WORK FOR YOU. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY THAT YOU NEED TO LIVE ON IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE.