Sponsor Levels

Sponsor Levels


*NEW* You can now get a personalized endorsement, courtesy of K9 Cinemas, from Kevin O'Leary himself. This single endorsement sent our business through the roof and can do the same for your business as well. Just add $1500 to any of the 3 packages we offer. This is UNBEATABLE and can not be purchased without a K9 Cinemas sponsorship package as well. 


We offer 3 levels of sponsorship tax free for you to either gain a monumental amount of exposure for you business or simply because you love K9 Cinemas and want to support our mission which is simply to bring joy everywhere. 


All 3 levels are welcomed partners to join us for an media event as a vendor at no charge. This is a $500-$1000 value per event you get included for an entire year.


Movie Star: $1000 for a 24 x 36 inch framed movie poster with your logo and business contact information


Pop Star: $2000 Benefits of the Movie Star level plus a commercial played before every movie. If you do not have a commercial you may request us to shoot one for you for an additional $500. 


Super Star: $3500 Your business will be prominently displayed across half of our entire seating area as a banner in addition to your business and contact information printed on the back of every ticket. The majority of our shows are sold out every weekend. You will also get online exposure at checkout with the option for our customers to pick a coupon or promo to your company exclusively offered through K9 Cinemas. 


Watch the quick 2 minute video above for a glimpse of the local and national news segments K9 Cinemas has been apart of. Your business will get the opportunity to have all the traffic that comes in from our online articles and news segments trafficed towards your business and website as well at all 3 levels. 


Welcome to the K9 Cinemas family and thank you for your sponsorship!