ESA Prescription Letter


Your ESA Prescription letter will come with the legal letterhead from a licensed medical professional. Show this letter at any airport in order for your pet to ride with you for free in the cabin. This letter should also be shown in any living situation that charges a pet fee. You will no longer have to pay that fee, and will also legally be able to bring your pet to residences that don't allow pets. 


Vests are not required for ESA's. But a lot of our customers find them useful to avoid any questioning in public. You may include one with your purchase for an additional fee based on the size you need.


DISCLAIMER: 99% of our prescriptions get filled. We cannot guarantee 100% will get filled. That would be ILLEGAL! Don't be scammed by other companies promising you a letter that is not a prescription written letter. If your prescription does not get written we will follow up with you to explain why, and see if we can't get a second opinion for you. We have 100% money back guarantee refund if we do not get your prescription filled.

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