K9 Cinemas Canada Franchising

Why K9 Cinemas

Owning a K9 Cinemas movie theater is a tremendous opportunity. You are making history when you join us as the worlds first dog-friendly movie theater. We look for highly qualified people with significant business experience and financial resources, who have successfully owned or managed multiple business units or led multiple departments.


Your success starts with world-class training and support. Our franchising system is built on the premise that K9 Cinemas can only be as successful as our owner/operators. We believe in a partnering relationship with our owner/operators, suppliers and employees. It all begins with world class training.


We believe our training program is the best in the industry, focused on preparing operations experts to provide outstanding customer experiences every day. 

Program highlights will include: 

  • Crew development/crew trainer programs

  • Team leader Development

  • Basic & Advanced Shift Management

  • Systems Management

  • Concession Management (scheduling, inventory, control, quality assurance, etc.)

  • Owner Operator Development

  • Business Management

  • Various classes such as: 

    • Webinars

    • Classroom courses

    • 1-day seminars

    • In-field training sessions

    • 1-week management course at K9U in Plano, TX

World Class Service

As a franchisee, K9 Cinemas sole focus will be to work directly with you from the moment you enter the training program. Our primary job is to prepare you to maximize safety, cleanliness and fun in order to help optimize sales and profits.

K9 Cinemas provides extensive support with marketing and advertising. Our viral marketing and advertising techniques has global reach. To continually maintain and take advantage of our leadership position, each theater is required to spend a minimum of 4% of gross sales annually on advertising and promotion.

Through a voluntary co-operative of K9 Cinemas owner/operators, the company and its owner/operators plan to combine to purchase national television advertising. This combined buying power will help K9 Cinemas create a worldwide brand unmatched in the movie theater industry -- an unparalleled advantage for an individual K9 Cinemas movie theater.


K9 Cinemas extensive ongoing training system includes K9 University and provides the most up-to-date training materials in the industry.

K9 Cinemas Supply Chain management has developed an extensive network of the world's finest suppliers. K9 Cinemas Canada will leverage these contacts closely with suppliers across the country to ensure our theaters are provided with quality products at the most competitive prices.

System Support

Being a K9 Cinemas owner/operator offers many advantages - from the training and support of a solid organization, to the opportunity to own a thriving, successful business.

The benefits: 

  • Own your own business and reap the rewards that come from being responsible for your own success. With K9 Cinemas unique approach to training and support, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Use of the trademarks and operating system of the number one dog friendly movie theater brand in the world is unparalleled.

  • The tools to help you in your business: onsite support for your first 12 months, training, advertising, marketing, human resources, real estate, construction, purchasing, and equipment purchasing and maintenance. To be responsive to your needs and support a collaborative business environment, K9 Cinemas will maintain regional offices for each new build.

  • The enjoyment that comes from working with people, from your theater crew to your customers and community. The opportunity to contribute to the success of K9 Cinemas we believe new ideas and products will be developed by our owner/operators to push us towards the stars.


Purchasing Your Franchise

K9 Cinemas is continually seeking a limited number of individuals who are interested in becoming K9 Cinemas franchisees. Your first step is to give yourself territorial exclusivity by clicking the button below.

Applicant Qualifications

Some of the qualifications K9 Cinemas seeks in a prospective applicant fall into three main categories: 

overall business background and experience; personal qualities; and financial abilities. Your password protected link along with your application will be sent to you via email after you secure your city.

K9 Cinemas seeks individuals who have extensive business experience, preferably with a strong supervisory and managerial background. Retailing experience is an asset. We are interested in people with a proven track record of success, whether it be in their own business or working for a small or large corporation. We seek people who are prepared for the physical and emotional rigors of operating a multi-million-dollar business with a staff of 50 to 125 people. The candidate should have the ability to relate well with people, both guests and employees. The individual has proven leadership skills and talent managing human resources, in today’s complex environment managing people of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

We make an evaluation of an individual's personality, qualities and characteristics, looking for integrity, honesty, sincerity, initiative and tenacity, to name a few. We want franchisees who will go into their communities, meet their guests and market their theaters aggressively.

K9 Cinemas looks for individuals who are willing to devote their full time and best efforts to the K9 Cinemas business. We do not grant franchises to investors, partnerships of any type, or corporations.

All K9 Cinemas movie theaters will operate within a sophisticated management and operational system, and conform to rigidly enforced standards of safety, cleanliness, and fun atmosphere. "SCF" is K9 Cinemas motto for a thriving business.

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Financial Requirements/Down Payment

An initial down payment is required when you purchase a new theater (40% of the total cost). Before this is done, for 2020 only, you may reserve your city and claim territorial exclusivity for 50% less than our typical franchise fee of $30,000 USD. The down payment and franchise fee must come from non-borrowed, unencumbered personal resources, which include cash on hand; securities, bonds, and debentures; vested profit sharing (net of taxes); and business or real estate equity, exclusive of your personal residence.

Since the total cost varies from theater to theater, the minimum amount for a down payment will vary. Generally, we require a minimum of $650,000 of non-borrowed (unencumbered) personal resources to consider you for a franchise. Individuals with additional funds may be better prepared for multi-theater opportunities.


We require that the buyer pay a minimum of 40% cash as a down payment toward the purchase of a new theater. The remaining balance of the purchase price may be financed for a period of no more than seven years. While K9 Cinemas does not offer financing, K9 Cinemas owner/operators enjoy the benefits of our established relationships with many national lending institutions. 

Ongoing Fees

During the term of the franchise, you pay K9 Cinemas the following fees: Service fee: a monthly fee based upon the theater's sales performance (currently a service fee of 6.0% of monthly gross sales). 


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Franchising FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about K9 Cinemas Canada franchising.

How much money can I make?

Profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most important, your ability to operate the business effectively. That being said, expected ROI within your first five years in the business is at a minimum double the total costs involved.

Is there an opportunity to acquire more than one K9 Cinemas movie theater?

K9 Cinemas is seeking individuals who are capable of operating multiple locations. Candidates who have successfully operated multiple businesses may be suited to operating several K9 cinemas franchises.

What is the availability of K9 Cinemas movie theaters in my area?

The availability of theaters in specific areas will be discussed during the process and based on territorial exclusivity. K9 Cinemas will have an up-to-date list by clicking the button below. You are awarded the luxury of picking from the cream of the crop location wise in 2020. People selected as "Registered Applicants" will be those willing to accept an opportunity and who will devote 100% of their business time and efforts to their K9 Cinemas operation.

Does K9 Cinemas franchise to partnerships or investors?

K9 Cinemas franchises movie theaters to individuals who personally operate their theater(s) and are involved in the day to day operation of their theater(s). We do not franchise to partnerships or allow investors.

I have a piece of property that would be ideal for a new K9 Cinemas movie theater; will K9 Cinemas develop the site and award the franchise to me?

The site selection process is separate from our franchisee selection process. We make the decision to develop a location because we believe it will be a success. K9 Cinemas manages all the site evaluation, acquires the property and constructs the building. After making the decision to develop a site, K9 Cinemas awards the franchise to the most qualified candidate. If you have a piece of property that you are interested in selling, please contact our real estate department at info@k9cinemas.com.

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