• offer free tickets to the world's first and only dog-friendly movie theater to your guests


  • our theater offers FREE alcohol to anyone with a valid ID over 21

  • 2 dogs per ticket are included

  • tickets sell for $15 a piece


  • we have room to offer 30 accounts (hotels & restaurants) 25 tickets a week

  • these exclusive accounts will receive 40% off when a 1 year agreement is in place

  • each account will receive 1 month free if the first year is paid in full up front


please fill out your commitment below if you would like to reserve 1 of our 30 accounts


commitment for 12 months

Yearly commitment up front - 1 month free ($900 savings)




Disclaimer: Signing above does not guarantee you one of our 30 accounts until a purchase has been made. This is a verbal commitment on your part only. This is not a commitment on behalf of K9 Cinemas. By signing above you agree to a 1 year commitment to purchase tickets from K9 Cinemas. If this agreement is broken on behalf of the purchaser within that first year the purchaser agrees to pay back the 40% discount on any past purchases. 

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