ESA Letter Application

Great! The main purpose of registering your pet as an emotional support animal is to help you get through life with a more positive outlook. 

After a medical professional writes your prescription ESA Letter you will be able to

  • Fly with your pet for free in the cabin

  • Live with your pet in apartments regardless of their pet policy

  • Never have to pay a pet fee (this alone covers the cost of your application)


1. First, what's your full name?

2. What's your pets name?

3. How often do you lose interest in things you used to enjoy?

3. How often do you feel sad or depressed?

*recently is described as within the last 2 weeks*

4. How often have you felt angry recently?

5. How often have you felt anxious or on edge recently?

6. How often have you felt afraid or panicked recently?

7. How often have you had irregular sleep recently?

8. How often have you been acting impulsive recently?

9. How often have you been nervous/paranoid recently?

10. Have you had thoughts of suicide recently?

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